ACGS Invest GmbH
Investment And Trading Company For Special Situations


Welcome to ACGS Invest!
Our focus is on arranging trade- and corporate finance solutions for our national and international clients.

ACGS is a specialized trade finance boutique, providing tailor-made trade finance solutions and products for corporates that deliver goods and provide services both on their domestic markets and also internationally. Our team helps companies that either need restructuring or adjusting of their financial management, improving the global performance and building business models set up to deliver top results.


Financing Solutions

Our team has exhaustive experience across a wide range of industries, bringing each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake. Both in our trade finance activities and in our advisory journeys, we have on board clients acting in the following markets:

  • IT
  • Industrial goods
  • Oil
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Venture Capital

ACGS investments are targeted at development of new and innovative industries. The Corporation develops assets by using its multi-industry expertise and managing shareholder and outside capital.

  • Focus on investment  into promising technology sector
  • Attracting external capital under management to expand the investment resource
  • Profitibility maximisation (TSR) and reduction of capitalisation discount to Net Asset Value (NAV)

Commodity Traiding

Through the years, the company has started focusing especially on international trade, dealing only with companies which import, export, produce, distribute and sell goods or provide services.

The trade finance side of our business consists of specialized products such as:

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Pre-Export Financing
  • Stock Financing